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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Maybe Cisco will Sell Comcast Some Customer Support Solutions

After posting the news about Cisco's acquisition of Pure Networks, The Washington Post's daily update dropped into my e-mail inbox, with the following headline:

Call the Cable Guy. Again.
As Comcast Grows, Service Problems Dog Customers

The article focuses on complaints that Comcast's investments in improving customer service have not come as rapidly as the growth it's enjoyed in deploying broadband, television, and bundled services to its customers.

This was an interesting paragraph from the article:

"Many cable, telephone and Internet service companies have struggled to keep pace with customer service as they have gone through a recent period of rapid growth. Washington area residents last year complained to the Better Business Bureau about their cable, Internet and phone more than about other services, including home contractors, auto repair shops and car dealers."

The article referenced the same customer satisfaction survey that we cited in a May blog, showing the major cable operators struggling compared to DirecTV and DISH Network in making their customers happy.

As much as these service providers are investing in next-generation networking and customer premise equipment, I hope they're putting as much effort into ramping up their support capabilities, or it's going to get ugly. Maybe not a-million-people-trying-to-activate-their-iPhone-through-AT&T-ugly, but not pleasant.


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