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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Time to Revise Those Broadband Numbers

The FCC finally voted to change the way they count Broadband numbers. 3 years ago, I began to prepare for this day and it finally came. 200kbps no longer qualifies as broadband and the threshold is now 768kbps. Nobody knows the damage this change will do to the number of total U.S. broadband households. Likely the number of DSL households that qualify as broadband will take a bigger hit than that of cable households. DSL service providers may still continue to report their DSL subscriber numbers but now we'll need to take a discount in calculating broadband DSL numbers. I'm eager to see the first FCC report on High Speed Internet after the methodology change. I'll be busy make assumptions and revising our numbers once it comes out.

The FCC also made a few other changes and CNET did a great job highlighting the key points.


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