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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

AT&T Attempts to Delay BPL Deployment in North Texas

In a move that could impact future BPL deployments around the U.S., AT&T has filed a temporary restraining order against Current Communications Group Inc., TXU’s partner in deploying BPL in North Texas. The order claims that the equipment Current is installing on some utility poles, owned by AT&T, pose a safety risk AT&T employees. One has to wonder if this is truly a safety issue or an attempt to hinder TXU and Currents strategy to provide BPL services to homes across North Texas.

Although it seems this issue will not delay TXU and Current’s goal of providing broadband service by the end of the year, if successful, it could provide a strategy for other Telcos to delay BPL deployments around the country. An agreement between Current and AT&T is pending regarding this issue.


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